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Manage your website and domain with SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Services In India

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We help you manage your domain portfolio and give you all of the tools necessary to make the best decisions for your domains.

The World Wide Web has emerged as a platform for communicating with a global audience sans boundaries. Whether you sell some products or offer services, the Internet provides the fastest way to reach a vast base of audience, cutting across all national and internationals boundaries. If you have the knowledge of using this big and ever expanding platform of the web to your advantage, you can leverage your business and earn enviable Return On Investment (ROI).

We at Idream Works have a varied and mixed bag of experience of working on the web. We know what it takes to succeed on the World Wide Web. We are ready to offer you our expertise, share our experience and help you become a market leader in your "chosen filed" of operation.

The first thing to attract people to your products/services is to have an attractive web site with useful content. We at Idream Works can help you get a customized web design with our Web Design Services . If you want to have a web site built from scratch or give your existing site a makeover, use our Web Design & Development services for the complete solution.

If you want to get an E-commerce Web site so that you can manage online business deals and allow your customers to buy the products or services at the click of a mouse, look no further. Idream Works can do this job for you, streamlining your business activities apart from offering information to your potential and existing customers in a user-friendly manner.

Once your web site is ready and you approve it to be made functional, you need to think of the marketing strategy. We at Idream Works offer Internet Marketing services to bring your site traffic, which in turn will generate business. We also offer Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Website Design
  2. Website Development
  3. Graphic & Logo Design
  4. Website Marketing
  5. Flash Development
Web Design Services

Idream Works understands that the design of a web site should be in tune with the requirements of the user. When you take your business online by means of a web site, it helps you to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. As the user plays a key role, the user's needs should be kept in mind while designing your site. We at Idream Works design the layout of your site keeping your users in mind.

Once your target audience is decided, the next thing should be to decide how to attract people and keep them rooted to the site. This can be achieved by having an attractive and user-friendly design. The different aspects like font sizes, color schemes, page layouts, font styles and graphics should be carefully chosen to attain this objective. We at Idream Works not only work on these aspects but also keep a close eye on the usability of your web site. The usability of a web site refers to its potential to help the users achieve their goals. This is done by means of the User Interface, the user's way of interaction with the site and how the site asks the users to interact and responds to them.

While designing a site, Idream Works works on both the appearance and usability to accomplish your business's objectives. So, you won't get a design just for the sake of it. Rather, we will give you one that will not only bring you visitors but will also help the visits translate into sales.

Website Redesign

Web site design plays an important role in the online image of a company. Though many companies have their own web sites, they often don't show the current image of the concern or the updated information. If your web site is also in such a situation, you need to think of giving it a facelift using web site redesign services offered by Idream Works.

If you are still unsure of using web site redesign services, then consider this: To get information on products or services of a company, it is the Internet that consumers use. An attractive, user-friendly web site will not only enhance your company's brand strategy but also get you traffic, which in turn can translate into sales and give you the desired profit. So, take some time to tell us your online needs and the experienced brand strategists and designers at Idream Works will redesign your web site.

With our web site redesign services, we have helped our clients to:

  1. Attract more traffic and make the visitors stay longer.
  2. Increase sales by changing over to E-commerce site.
  3. Encourage more conversions by using effective e-marketing techniques.
  4. Make their web sites compliant to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  5. Make their web sites compatible to specific browsers (depending on which browsers are mostly used by their target group).
  6. Get a visually appealing web site matching their brand image and business vision.
Website Maintenance

Your web site should be dynamic and match the changing demands of your customers. From time to time, you need to study customer behavior and changing market trends, using the information gathered therein to revise and improve your web presence. Such improvements and improvisations required to stay ahead of the competition should be a regular affair, not once-in-a-blue moon one. Idream Works understands the importance of web site maintenance and offers its services to keep your web site completely operational and updated in all aspects.

We at Idream Works offer professional web site maintenance and updating services for our clients. Please spare a few moments to go through the list of our web site maintenance services:

  1. Editing your web site’s text, content or images .
  2. Complete backup copy of your site.
  3. Link testing .
  4. Link repair.
  5. Storing files on a local server for reliable and prompt updates.
  6. Regular communication via phone and e-mail .

With the expertise of our professional team behind your site’s maintenance, you will be able to concentrate on your core business without bothering about how to update your site or keep it up and running.

Wordpress Design

Wordpress, an open source CMS (Content Management System), is a popular blogging platform. You can install and configure it easily, alter the navigation structure or change its look to fit your needs. In the modern competitive environment, blogs have emerged as a valuable online marketing tool, which offer your online business a hassle-free web-publishing platform.

The customized Wordpress packages offered by Idream Works consist of:

  1. Installation: You will choose your hosting server and we will install the WordPress programming on that server.
  2. Layout: You are free to select the structure and design of your blog.
  3. Header graphic: You can give us your photos or images that you wish your blog to have and we will create a custom header graphic using them. You will also get a matching background color for the blog.
  4. Plugins and components: We will pick the most suitable plugins and components to make your blog easier to use, help your visitors subscribe to it and allow them to share your blog with their peers.
  5. Search engine compatibility: With our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can help your WordPress blog achieve a commendable search engine placement.
  6. Sharing your audio files and videos: We can help you share your preferred audio files, podcasts or videos with the world via the Wordpress platform.
  7. Spam protection: With our spam filters, you don’t have to worry about comment spams, which are rampant in the blogosphere.
  8. Social Bookmarking: We will put different icons on your blog, each representing a particular social networking community. Your visitors can simply click on these icons and share your blog with others belonging to that particular community.
Joomla Design

Before we get into the details of Joomla, let us tell you what it is. Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) that you can use to build your web site. Once your web site is up and running, Joomla allows you to make changes required in the images, text or web site structure & navigation-all at the click of a mouse.

"Joomla is a wonderful thing" on it’s own. There is an active community, which supports it and works for the betterment of its various functional aspects. Joomla has several extensions and plug-ins that can offer a wide range of CMS functionality to your web site. Using Joomla CMS, you can create a blog or forum, a web site with just 3 pages, add gallery or calendars and handle your online documents efficiently besides publishing and managing your videos and pod casts. Joomla also allows you to set different degrees of access for the users. You can give some specific users the permission to edit a section of your site while others will not enjoy the facility. In fact, Joomla can help you do almost anything that you desire.

We know that all of it sounds interesting. Perhaps you are wondering if creating a Joomla web site is such a cakewalk, what do we do? We at Idream Works offer customized Joomla design and integration services that will match your online business needs. You will not have to depend on the limited Joomla templates but can ask us to have a unique site created to suit your vision and business goals. Our customized Joomla web sites download fast, offer easy navigation to your visitors and are simple for you to edit. We provide the complete Joomla services that include Joomla web site design, Joomla solutions, Joomla search engine optimization and Joomla consultancy. So, let Idream Works give your web site the winning Joomla edge and see what your vision and our services can do together, for Joomla (derived from the Swahili word “Jumla”) stands for “all together".

Website Header Design

Whatever be the nature of your business, Idream Works can make a custom web site header to match your online business image. When you order to have a customized header for your site, you need to consider several factors. First, you have to tell us if you want your header to be an artwork (original or computer generated), photograph or a blend of these two. You also need to decide if your header will feature your company’s logo and/or navigation. Lastly, the shape and color scheme of the header should be given a careful thought, as it should be something that attracts the viewer’s attention in the first glance.

If you have a pre-conceived idea about how your header will look, share your concept and/or images to be incorporated there and we will translate your ideas into reality. Even if you don’t have any idea about the matter, you can safely let us take the responsibility. We will offer you some tailor made header designs, incorporating your business vision and strategy. From these header designs, you can choose the one that suits you the best or have us made changes to a particular one to make that match your online business persona.

Static Website Design

In the modern competitive world, it is almost an inevitable requirement to have a web site so that you can make your presence felt on the web. We at Idream Works offer two types of web sites - Static & Dynamic.

A static web site has several static pages, which are interconnected. The pages of a static web site are written in HTML. These pages are saved in a server. Each time you need to make a change in the static web pages, the corresponding HTML file should be edited and saved.

Though dynamic sites with updated data and an interactive style are far more popular, many companies (especially those having operations on a small scale) may want to begin with a static web site. If you deal with products/services that will remain unchanged over a certain period of time, a static web site will be more suitable for you as it remains unchanged until the next edition comes. Even professionals can use cost-effective static web sites to promote their services. To know more about how a static web site can help you gain considerable ROI (Return On Investment), thereby making your online business flourish by leaps and bounds.

Dynamic Website Design

With the development of the web into a huge platform for worldwide conversation, many people today prefer to have a dynamic web site. We at Idream Works design customized dynamic web sites and web pages to suit your online business goals.

Dynamic web sites come with several advantages. The best feature is the easy maintenance of these sites. Moreover, many people can edit or add content to a specific section with restricted access granted to them. So, a person belonging to the Human Resources Department can add job listings without being given the permission to access other sections related to sales or administration. Similarly, marketing personnel can be given limited access to the sales section so that they can work on the sales figures. They would not be able to tamper the code or get access to the main administration level. You may even have these additional texts or documents be “moderated” by a senior level administrator, who can review and control them.

Dynamic sites also come with several add ons, plugins and interactive features. So, you can add features like podcasts, polls, forums, news feeds, calendars, events planners and weather boxes to your web site, depending on your business requirements. Some features like a forum or discussion board also helps your web site to have a commendable traffic as people develop a trust for your products/ services and keep coming back to participate in the ongoing discussions and check out your newest offerings.

To know more about how a dynamic web site can help your business prosper, contact Idream Works.

Css Layout

CSS refers to "cascading style sheets". CSS helps in keeping the content of an HTML page separate from its style and layout. The information related to the layout, positioning, color and font of the web site is stored in a single CSS file. Each HTML page on the site draws on this CSS file. We at Idream Works offer customized CSS layouts for your web site.

We suggest you to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as it will give your site the following advantages:

  1. Hassle-free Maintenance: Use of CSS will allow you to change the design elements of your total web site by changing a single file.
  2. Consistency: Your web site will have a consistent layout throughout all the pages.
  3. Accessibility: Changing over to CSS will help your web site get a clutter free look. It will also help visitors get relevant information more easily, especially partially sighted or blind people who use screen reader to understand a page.
  4. Better Search Engine Visibility: CSS reduces unnecessary tagslike the table tag, thereby making the web site content more noticeable to search engines.
Web 2.0 Website

Web 2.0 is considered a happening wave in the World Wide Web. The use of web 2.0 standards will give a new look to your web site. So, your site will shed the unnecessary clutter and become simple, more attractive and usable. Web 2.0 designs will also enable more people to share your site’s information with others.

We at Idream Works offer customized web site designs compatible with web 2.0 standards, which will make your site:

  1. Become Simple: Specific content and images with large fonts will give a sleek look to your site.
  2. Have Centralized Contents: The contents of the page will be put in the central part to help better visibility.
  3. Easy to navigate: With large and clear fonts, the horizontal navigation (the most recommended style) in web 2.0 allows users to enjoy easy navigation.
  4. Have different backgrounds: You can choose from the wide range of web 2.0 backgrounds available.
  5. Have Enhanced design: Web 2.0 designs enable you to choose advanced patternslike reflection on your images, rounded corners, new icons or light boxes.
  6. Have Ajax features: Your site will become more attractive, usable and easy to load.
  7. Allow Bookmarking & Syndication: Web 2.0 designs support syndication of your site’s contents; your visitors can also bookmark your site using del.icio.us, digg or reddit icons.
  8. Allow users’ contribution: You can have a comment section for content sharing in your web site to enhance your viewers’ participation.
  9. Have videos: Web 2.0 designs help to upload and embed videos in your site.
Web Design and Development

Idream Works will offer you the most appropriate web technology that suits your business needs. Web technology is the hardware, software and infrastructure, which helps the web come to life. It is the technique that allows a person to publish content on the web and other persons to view that content on their computer, irrespective of where they may be located. We at Idream Works can also automate you business’s recurring tasks, thereby giving your employees the freedom to concentrate on your products and sales.

As new programming languages or software come into existence at a rapid speed, it becomes quite difficult to pick the reliable one. It is also a daunting task to select the program or software best suited to your requirement if you don’t know what are the best technologies to use or how to use them. We at Idream Works can help you handle these issues. We can develop your web site’s code, systems or web integration applications depending on what you need to get optimized return from your online business.

The web design and development services offered by Idream Works are:

  1. Web programming
  2. Web application development
  3. Database creation & development
  4. Have different backgrounds: You can choose from the wide range of web 2.0 backgrounds available.
  5. Development of web applications for making recurring employee tasks automatic
  6. Have Ajax features: Your site will become more attractive, usable and easy to load.
  7. Creation of web forms and lead management
  8. Development of dynamically database-driven web content
  9. Database construction and integration
Custom Programming

Idream Works blends the latest web technology innovations and its long experience to address your specific business requirements. While designing custom software programming and custom application development for your site, our team of professionals will oversee the entire process from Conceptualization to Completion.

Idream Works covers the following major areas during custom web application development:

  1. Database driven web site & application
  2. Content Management Systems (CMS)
  3. E-Commerce Solutions
  4. Design and development of web portals
  5. Application Service Provider (ASP) solutions
  6. Web site enhancements
  7. Web application re-engineering

Idream Works has an experienced team well versed in web tools and technologieslike PHP, MySQL and ASP.NET. We have completed several custom web development projects for various industries. So, we can offer all that you need to begin your online business. With our expertise in professional web application and web site development, we can give your online business a competitive edge over the others and help you to achieve substantial ROI (Return on Investment). With our custom web application and programming services, see your overall online traffic and business get a thumping boost.

Content Managment

Content management of a web site is a challenging task. If not done in a professional manner, it will result in your site’s content becoming outdated and of no value to the customers. With the Internet emerging as the principal media which many customers use to gather information and purchase products, stale content will not encourage viewers to explore your company’s offerings. Instead, they will move away to another site offering updated information about their products or services.

Idream Works offers customized and efficient content management system (CMS) to fit your present and emerging business processes and objectives. Each CMS implementation by us provides a cost effective solution for your business. The core CMS platform offered by Idream Works has many add-on modules, which can be used for additional functionality. You may have your pick from the following modules:

  1. FAQ Knowledge base: When you reply to your customer’s queries, you can include the questions into the CMS administrative tool inquiries to create a knowledge bank of frequently asked questions and answers
  2. News releases: Sites related to administrative matters can have news releases published and even an archive of old news releases.
  3. Job Opportunities: You can have a web page listing career opportunities with names of the vacant posts and short job descriptions. Each of the detailed listings of job posts will have individual pages dedicated to them.
  4. E-commerce: Shopping cart and checkout facilities can be included to suit your online business requirements.
  5. SEO: Gain strategic advantage with customized page titles, meta-tags, keywords, content and URL strings.
  6. Advertising: Includes text advertising and rotating banner ads.
  7. Content Feeds: Uses various standard interfaceslike XML, RSS feeds and web services to get a wide range of content from different sources.
  8. E-Newsletter: You will be able to manage your user database as well as present and past e-newsletters.
  9. ntranet and extranet portals: An intranet portal will help you manage your internal company networks efficiently. With extranet portal, you will be able to communicate with your business associates and customers, both selectively and privately.
Online Forms and Database Integration

We at Idream Works have an experienced team at hand, which offers online database integration services to increase your business productivity apart from enabling you to manage matters efficiently and with ease.

Before opting for database integration, you need to ascertain what kind of information should your business associates or customers see on the web. The ever-expanding World Wide Web has numerous web pages and web sites that offer information to the visitors. If your web site offers a vast pool of information that needs regular update, database integration is the need of the hour. We at Idream Works can offer you database software to manage your web site effectively and have the latest information being posted. This technique will save you a lot of time, besides being quite economical. So, if you want your web site to include product details, pricing and standards maintained or have huge data related to performance statistics, technical matters etc to deal with, our database integration services will be the perfect choice.

Idream Works also provide tailor made online forms, which are an invaluable component for any corporate intranet. As these forms are easy to fill and process, a lot of time and money is saved when the online forms are used. Online forms can also streamline and improve your business processes by blending different IT systems or offering new techniques for completing tasks.

You can even get appealing front-ends for your web site from us, which we create using color, graphics and content that match your business vision and mission. When you entrust Idream Works with your web site requirements, you can be sure of getting a unique and quality product, delivered on time.

Web Programming

The primary objective of Idream Works is to serve our customers. The web programming services offered by us are tailor-made to suit the customers’ needs, besides improving the efficiency and functionality of their online business.

We at Idream Works have the expertise to deal with projects of varied levels of complexity and use cutting edge computer technologies and languages to create your web site. The specialists at Idream Works generally use the following basic technologies and computer languages:

  1. Server-side languages: PHP, Perl, OOP Design and programming
  2. ASP & ASP.NET
  3. Server operating systems: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD
  4. Database interfaces: ADODB, PEAR
  5. Client-side languages: HTML, JavaScript, DHTML
  6. Templates engines: SMARTY
  7. XML, XSLT style sheets
  8. Web services: XML, WSDL, SOAP
E-Commerce Website

The top priority of Idream Works is to leverage your online presence on the web, save your money and help you to optimize your business profits. We work on this agenda irrespective of whether it’s a web site that we are building from scratch or improving your existing site. Your web site should not be a mere electronic version of your company brochures and supporting materials. In order to use the web to improve your business, you need to streamline your business information and activities and offer information to your prospective and existing customers in a user-friendly manner. An e-commerce web site will allow you to conduct your business online, enabling your customers to buy the products or services at the click of a mouse. It will also help you to keep in touch with your business associates based at a different geographical location.

Idream Works offers the following e-business services:

  1. Linking your core business and your web site.
  2. Transforming offline business procedures into automated online services.
  3. E-marketing to get you leads and sales.
  4. Automating your business’s recurring tasks.
  5. Optimizing your online ROI (Return on Investment).
  6. Offering additional services to your present customers.
  7. Enabling your customers to buy online.
  8. Connecting you and your business partners online.
  9. Helping you to have a round-the-clock online marketing & sales e-business.
  10. Consultation on how to make your site a powerful tool for e-business.
Interactive Applications

A web site that offers clarity, easy navigation and a free flow of interaction attracts commendable traffic. Idream Works offers interactive web applications to enable the customers have a compelling experience. We create customized interactive designs and applications keeping two objectives in mind:

  1. To distribute the products/services through various revenue channels.
  2. To develop new applications or services by transforming the existing ones across the World Wide Web.

So, empower your web site with our interactive web applications and see the change for yourself.

Logo Design

A well-designed and appealing company logo is an integral part to your corporate image. An ideal logo design will match your vision, be aesthetic in its look, aid in customer awareness and build your business’s brand image. Your company’s logo will be used in almost every aspect of your business, from your letterheads, business cards and invoices to your marketing material. We at Idream Works understand this and offer professional logo design services for our clients.

On the web, your company logo will have a few seconds to impress the prospective clients and show a glimpse of your corporate identity. We design logo to match your business objective, be memorable and visually appealing. With numerous companies on the web competing to attract eyeballs with that killer logo design, we work towards giving you a personalized and unique logo. The combination of our modern designs and high impact graphics makes Idream Works the best choice for your business’s logo design requirements.

Usability Interface Design

User Interface (UI) Design, also called Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is an important requisite of a web site. An impressive User Interface Design makes all the difference between the acceptance and rejection of a product or service. If prospective customers feel that a product is cumbersome and not easy to use, an otherwise first-class product could fail. Similarly, if the services offered by your company sound too complex to use, the viewers may soon move away from your site at the click of a mouse. A good User Interface Design is one that helps in easy understanding of the product or service of the company. This results in greater acceptance among the users and an increase in sales.

Optimized User Interface Design needs a systematic approach. However, Usability Testing is required to ascertain optimum performance of your web site. Your site requires enhanced user experience and easy navigation to reap the maximum benefit. A team of technical experts and creative designers work at Idream Works to develop an efficient User Interface Design for your web site. With our User Interface Design, you can expect:

  1. Improved User Experience: By removing probable confusion and complications, we enhance the perceived value of your product/service by offering the viewers ease of use and clarity .
  2. Improved Usability: Our interfaces are based on the latest standards of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience), allowing cross-platform navigation to users (users can move from one application to another without hassles) .
  3. Visually appealing design: We offer an attractive and aesthetic design, which makes the technology attractive to its target viewers.
  4. Financial savings: Our User Interface Design will cut down your support phone calls considerably by improving the information flow and allowing easy navigation between the pages of your web site.
Graphic Design

Web browsers have very little patience. If your web site doesn’t impress them in the first few seconds, they won’t think twice before navigating to another site at the click of a mouse. Unless you have a well designed and visually appealing web site, you will not get the opportunity to prove your supremacy despite having the best products or quality service on offer. This is where the professional graphic designers of Idream Works have a significant role to play. Just as you will employ a lawyer to take care of your legal matters or an accountant to manage your finance, trusting the safe hands of a professional graphic designer for your web site will return a far greater profit in the long run than doing it in an amateur manner.

Working on the graphic design of a web site needs several details to be kept in mind. These are facts that will not be apparent to an amateur or one who doesn’t belong to the industry. Factorslike the choice of fonts, colors, images and layout play an important role in attracting your target audience. Each of these should complement the other so that all convey a specific message collectively to the viewer and persuade a potential customer, all at the same time.

Idream Works offers you the entire range of graphic design services. Starting from logo design, designs for posters, brochures, signage or other print media to total web site design and everything in between, we can bring our expertise and give you tailor made solutions for your online business.

Brochure Design

We at Idream Works offer quality brochure designs to help your message get across easily to the prospective clients. Whether you need a flyer, tri-fold brochure, mailer, manual (for marketing, sales or training), pocket folder, training booklet or a catalog – we have the expertise to present customized and cost effective solutions delivered on time.

Act now and give your business a unique edge with a professionally designed brochure. Simply tell us what message your brochure will convey. Then, sit back and relax. We at Idream Works will take the responsibility to give your business a cutting edge with our top-notch designs and write-ups.

3D Graphics Design

Pictures speak volumes and stay longer in the mind of the viewers. Having them on your web site will not only impress you viewers but also encourage them to spend more time at your site. We at Idream Works understand this scenario and offer 3D graphics designing services to help you reach more visitors on the web. Our highly experienced team is known for its 3D Graphics designing skills and offers the following services to choose from:

  1. 3D Enabled Website .
  2. Visualization & 3D Graphics Designing.
  3. 3D Modeling.
  4. Photo Realistic 3D Graphics.
  5. 3D Intros & Splash Screens.
  6. 3D Interface Design.
  7. Trailers.
  8. Digital Video Production.
  9. 3D Texture Design.
  10. Special-Effects (SFX).
  11. Virtual Walk-Through.
  12. 3D Maps.
  13. Advertising Materials with 3D effects (Brochures, Logo Animation and Posters).
Banner Ads

To drive more traffic to your web site, you will need high-quality banner ads, which will have a memorable visual appeal and encourage your viewers to click through to your web site. The team of professional designers at Idream Works work together with the communication experts to offer professional yet simple banners with interesting content that brings clicks. We create your banner ads using designs and graphics in a manner that will enhance your company’s message and not distract from it.

You can take your pick from the following banner ads’ services offered by Idream Works:

  1. GIF animated banner ad.
  2. GIF or JPEG image banner ad .
  3. HTML banner ad.
  4. Flash banner ad.
  5. Expandable banner ad.
  6. Floating banner ad.
Internet Marketing

Internet marketing (often called e-marketing) is the lifeline of your online business. On the web, it is not enough to have a great site. You need to popularize the site and drive traffic to it. Companies that resort to e-marketing techniques will surely have an advantage over the others. As your company’s web site is the best medium for marketing your products or services, you can use e-marketing, which is usually faster, inexpensive and more traceable than the traditional forms of marketing. We at Idream Works can develop a customized and unique e-marketing campaign for your web site, thereby attracting people to your site and help your site’s ranking to improve.

You can choose from the following e-marketing services on offer at Idream Works:

  1. Pragmatic plan for your e-marketing campaign and implementation of it.
  2. Development, implementation and management of e-mail campaigns.
  3. Lead generation services.
  4. Creation of blogs and marketing the same on the blogosphere.
  5. Submission of articles.
  6. Creation of banners.
  7. Consultation for buying banners.
  8. Submission to search engines.
  9. Strategic link development.
  10. Analysis of your site’s traffic.
  11. Services related to leads management, auto responder and newsletter sign-up.
  12. Getting noticed in specific forums and discussion group.
Search Engine Optimization

Idream Works has a team of expert SEO marketing consultants and programmers who will help your site get the much-needed traffic. We offer professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your web site, which is an essential factor for the success of your business.

It is important for you to note that professional SEO will take time to deliver results. It is not an instant service. In fact, Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process that will need time to develop. All SEO services of Idream Works are based on a contract of 6-month to 1-year.

Some of our Search Engine Optimization services are:

  1. Optimizing the HTML code of your site.
  2. Optimizing the content of your site.
  3. Creation and Submission of Press Releases.
  4. Building inbound links.
  5. Writing and submitting articles.
  6. Writing entries for the blog.
Strategy and Consulting

Many companies today do not have a clear idea of what strategic goals drive their business and what targets they have achieved. Enterprises and companies should have the requisite information and knowledge, which will help them in making decisions. Idream Works offers strategy and consultancy services that will empower the clients to act speedily and decisively, both within the company and in the market. We also provide customized solutions for your online business to measure your performance against pre-set objectives and targets.

We have seen that in many organizations, information is often spread across several systems, databases and applications, making it difficult to assess the company's overall performance against set targets. If this situation sounds familiar, let Idream Works offer help by turning scattered bits and pieces of company data into a compact knowledge base, thereby giving you an insight of your business operations.

Idream Works offers strategy and consultancy services in the following areas:

  1. Web site Design.
  2. Web site Development.
  3. Centralized View of the web site.
  4. Web-based Interface.
  5. Performance Indicators.
  6. Analysis of data from multiple sources.
  7. Web site Usability.
  8. E-commerce.
  9. Web site Assessment.
  10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  11. E-mail marketing.
  12. Web site maintenance.
  13. Software/database development.
  14. Face lift of an existing site/page.
  15. Blog Marketing.
Interactive Marketing

Conversion of visitors coming to your site into sales doesn’t happen by chance. Instead, you need to plan and put a clear strategy as the base of your online business to succeed on the web. Among the numerous web sites vying for the viewers’ attention, the ones that have a high rank are those with an interactive approach.

To reach your clients in today’s market place, it is not enough to have a good product. You should have a well thought out strategy to leverage all available marketing tools to get a broad customer base. On-line advertising is one such effective tool. We at Idream Works can create electronic newsletters, banner ads and email marketing programs that will blend with your existing marketing strategy. This will better the response of your viewers, generate leads and create awareness about your brand. You may also have forums or discussion boards on your site where visitors can put their comments about your products/services or share their experience of using the same.

Idream Works has the expertise to design or redesign your web site with interactive features tailor made for your online business to increase traffic to your site, engage visitors, get across your message and help in conversion.

E-Business Strategy

Today’s Internet market has become so competitive in nature that you need proper e-business planning to sustain and improve your online business. We at Idream Works offer e-business strategy and consultancy services so that you can measure and manage your return on investment (ROI) efficiently.

Our e-business strategy helps you to answer some basic questionslike:

  1. How to bring more traffic to my site?
  2. How should my company’s products/services be distributed on the Internet?
  3. How to translate the web site hits into revenue?
  4. How to serve my existing clients better?
  5. How to attract potential customers?
  6. Are other companies using my products/services to gain advantage for their own business?
  7. Are proper rules and guidelines followed by my business affiliates?
  8. How should my web site stay ahead of my competitors?

The answers to these questions will become the foundation of your forthcoming business strategies/models. We at Idream Works will help you figure out these answers and implement new plans and strategies based on them. Once the strategies drawn by us are put into action, we will also monitor their effect and how they are influencing your ROI, giving our expert advice to change things or procedures from time to time to keep in tune with the changing needs of your customers.

Multimedia Services

The use of multimedia on the web has made animation and interactive design a reality. We at Idream Works encourage you to use our multimedia services for your site to set it apart from your competitors. We will work on each frame of your web site so that it looks good, matches the overall vision of your objective and conveys the intended message.

Idream Works offers the following multimedia services from which you can have your pick:

  1. Design and Development of CD ROM
  2. Customized EXE files
  3. Image Creation
  4. Images with sound effects
  5. Animated text · Screensavers
  6. 360° Virtual Tour
  7. Business Presentation
  8. Video Editing
  9. E-catalog
  10. Logo/Branding
  11. Shockwave Games
  12. Database Integration with Flash
  13. Direct Marketing Tools
  14. Interactive Presentations/Animations
Flash Websites

Idream Works designs full flash web sites for its clients. These sites use a combination of animations and sound to hold the viewer’s attention. Compared to a static web site, flash web sites are more dynamic as sound and movement are involved. These sites also help in effective distribution of information to the visitors than traditional presentations.

Original soundtracks and animations form the basis of a flash web site. So, getting your company’s information across to your prospective customers via a flash web site is easier than using a brochure. Such a web site will also enable your customers to interact with your company in a dynamic fashion through your online marketing presentations. This easy mode of interaction would breed trust, which in turn would encourage sales. Our team at Idream Works offers the following flash web sites’ services that will help you achieve success:

  1. Flash web site designing services
  2. Virtual Tour Presentation
  3. Professional presentations using flash (for product presentation, business presentation, sales presentation, marketing presentation etc.)
  4. 2-D & 3-D flash animation services
  5. Converting Power-point presentation to flash
  6. Redesigning your existing flash presentation
Flash Animation

If you want to make your web site more interactive, lively and dynamic,nothing can beat Flash Animation effects. We at Idream Works use the newest tools in Flash to give your viewers a powerful and compelling experience, besides conveying your message to them.

Idream Works offers the following Flash Animation services for your online business:

  1. Photographic animations
  2. Vector (hand-drawn) animations
Web Animation Banners

Many companies use animated web graphics in their web sites that offer specific, clear and interesting information to the target audience. However, it is important to use value-added web animation and not just any kind of animation only for the sake of it. Unless your animations have a specific purpose of aiding your site’s content and information, they will not help your viewers and may rather distract them from the intended message. We at Idream Works have a professional and expert team at hand who can deliver customized web site animation for you. You can also use our animated web site banners, which will be of great help for your web site advertising campaigns. Our services related to web site banners and animations at a glance are:

  1. Animated banner ad design
  2. Interactive banners
  3. Buttons animated banners
  4. Static banners
  5. 2D & 3D animation
  6. Animated GIFs
  7. Web page animation (for a specific page of your site)

Add a zing to your web site now and select Idream Works for your web animation and banner requirements.

Flash Intro Design

Flash Intro Design uses advanced flash animations at the beginning of your web site to give your viewers a compelling experience and impress your potential clients. Flash Intro also enhances the total impact of your web site. A Flash Intro Design usually runs for a short time and introduces the products and services offered by your company, similar to a short presentation. A Flash Intro can be designed to play with music, if the client requires the same. It can also lead the visitors straight to your main content or may stop and allow them to choose further action (with menu selection).

Idream Works offers the following Flash Intro Design services:

  1. Text & graphic based Flash intro
  2. Text & illustration based Flash intro
  3. Text & 3D graphics based Flash intro
  4. Interactive flash animations

Flash intro using advanced animations

Specials Effects

The web has come a long way since its inception. It is no longer enough just to put a page on the web and expect it to do miracles for your business. Instead, web sites now-a-days utilize special planning and digital technology, elaborate soundtracks and special effects to make their get-up an attractive one. However, the color photos, special effects and sound often make the download process slower despite modern communication equipment. It is here that Idream Works comes to your rescue with its expertise. We use the latest programming techniques and specific software to design an aesthetic yet fast loading pages for your web site.

We at Idream Works offer the following special effects services:

  1. Digital visual effects
  2. Digital matte painting
  3. Morphing
  4. Wire removal
  5. Rotoscoping
  6. Restoration and recovery of images
  7. Shot repair

Photographic Composites